Sunday, September 03, 2006

Brian's Urban Apiary

The picture posted above is of an area Brian recently set up in his backyard. Brian lives 30 miles South of me, in an area very similar to mine. He lives "in town" and the area also has lots of ornamental & decorative plants, bushes, trees and shrubs that are beneficial to the honeybee and the production of honey. We don't intend to actually put any hives @ Brian's until the Spring. But....just in case I have any "issues" with my current location we can quickly relocate my hives to his house (that's called a backup plan!....LOL). I have some green mesh cloth that I will give to Brian to use as a barrier along the chain link fence and also obscure the view from any "nosey" neighbors. I know he's very excited about becoming a "Beek" and can't wait for Spring. I'm going to attempt to split a couple of my colonies and give them to him. He'll need to purchase a couple of Queens and some additional woodenware.

In an attempt to supplement his income, Brian is a distributor for XS Energy Drinks. A couple of weeks ago Brian asked me to place a link on my blog to his website. I didn't think my blog would generate traffic much less any sales. Well.........I was wrong! Someone purchased $387 worth of energy drinks and the traffic originated from my website. Brian works in commercial HVAC and like many Americans he needs to generate additional income to pay the bills, support his family and "just get by". If you have a need or know of anyone that has a need for sports drinks, energy bars and supplements... please direct them to his website. You can click on XS Energy Drinks in the link section of this blog or go directly to

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