Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hot Hives

I finally got around to taking some pictures today when I did an inspection. I managed to snap the Queen in Hive #1 (left photo w/white dot). The other pictures is of a brood frame from Hive #1. The inspection of the 1st hive went smoothly and all seems well in this colony. I did see a few small hive beetles, but no big deal. They are expected to be present in most hives. That was the end of my good fortune, all 3 of the remaining hives were "hot" say the least! Hive #4 which is by far the biggest was really "hot". So much so that I didn't get to do a thorough inspection. As soon as I cracked the lid and hit them with the smoker all hell broke loose! Immediately they began flying into my veil and bouncing off. They just kept coming. Within the first 60 seconds I took a sting through my shirt...right in my stomach. That was 5 hours ago and I can't feel any pain/discomfort. The area is only slightly red and isn't swollen. I don't know if the rainy weather has them upset or I need to replace the Queen in order to change the temperment of the hive. I fear the latter as this is the 2nd or 3rd time this hive has stung me. They always seem a lot meaner than the others. I'll wait and see but I will most likely re-Queen sometime in the near future.
Sting Count:
Chris - 6
Brian - 2

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